Marta Ranaldo

Marta Ranaldo

Marta Ranaldo


Marta Kazandjian-Ranaldo  MA CCC-SLP BRS-S, is a board certified medical speech pathologist in swallowing disorders and has practiced in this field across the continuum of care in acute, sub-acute
and long term settings, outpatient and home care for the past 27 years.

She has extensive experience directing a team of multidisciplinary professionals in digestive diseases, swallowing and pulmonary disorders.  Marta is internationally known for her work in medically complex patients including tracheostomized and ventilator dependent adults through her text books, book chapters, peer reviewed journal articles and lectures as well as her participation in multi-centered research studies.

Marta has had a long standing passion for integrative health. She holds a certificate from the University of Arizona’s, College of Medicine in their Integrative Health and Lifestyle Program. Marta approaches the care of her patients through an evidenced based practice.  She is also enrolled in the prestigious Integrative Health Coaching Program at University of Arizona’s program founded by Dr. Andrew Weil. She is committed to integrating the standard medical approaches of care with complementary practices that focus on the “whole” patient. 

Marta experienced the impact of energy medicine techniques many years ago through her medical institution and became a REIKI practitioner.  She has achieved the highest ranking of REIKI Master Teacher and incorporates energy medicine in her practice with patients.  Marta has always led a life focusing on a healthy lifestyle. Despite her commitment to eating well, exercising and practicing REIKI, she was diagnosed with breast cancer 9 years ago. After enduring surgery and chemotherapy, she looked for possible reasons why such an illness could enter such a healthy body. She believed that impurities in the environment and stress could contribute to the production of illness and pursued researching options to reduce these effects on the body. Her own research and education in integrative health led her to redefine self-care and wellness. Marta believes that an integrative approach to care will assist her patients and clients to improve their overall health during their recovery. Marta’s private practice focuses upon integrative health coaching and the use of REIKI to help people achieve their goals of optimal wellness.

She educates people on the impact of stress on health and how relaxation practice can support people on their journey to optimal wellness. Marta shares her love and knowledge in nutrition and digestive health, environmental toxicity and mind-body approaches to improve the quality of life in people of all ages.

Plaza 230 Professional Condominiums
230 Hilton Avenue, Suite 8
Hempstead, New York, 11550
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