Complementary Medicine
What Really Works?

Comp Med

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Dr. Merrily A. Kuhn, CCRN(r), RN, Ph.D., N.D, PhD

Participants completing this program should be able to identify the safety and effectiveness of complementary medicines and nutrients for:

1) Inflammation and chronic pain,

2) Hormone and non-hormone related cancers,

3) Metabolic syndrome and coronary artery disease, and

4) Selected psychiatric and neurological conditions

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Do You Clean?
Things you should know!!!!

Dear Merrily,

Spring cleaning is enough of a chore. It shouldn't be even harder to find a product that doesn't have ingredients that cause allergies, asthma or cancer.
That's why Environmental Working Group's scientists just updated EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning product database. Before you head to the laundry room or grab the mop, check out how your favorite cleaning products scored. Click here to search for your cleaning products in EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning. EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning, launched last fall, scored more than 2,000 home cleaning products based on the toxicity of their ingredients and whether the maker had fully disclosed their contents.
Just last week, we updated the guide with more than 100 products, plus a new category - laundry pods! - and more information on allergens.
The words "natural" and "green" don't mean less toxic. Right now, there is no federal law requiring most cleaning products to disclose their ingredients on the labels. Some ingredients that seem healthy, such as botanical oils, can trigger allergies. The new laundry pods category covers dish and laundry detergents packaged for single use. Some pods score well because they contain safer ingredients and clearer labels, but others get a failing rating because of poor label disclosure and potentially toxic ingredients.
I hope these updates are helpful when you do your next laundry load or cleaning day.
Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group

Are the Products You are Using Safe?
Review of 2000 Cleaning Products

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