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Wisdom of Well - Being "The Joy of Eating for Moms and Their Kids" Kindle Edition

Wisdom of Well - Being "Your Health is in You Hands" Kindle Edition

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff,

Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist & The Center for Natural Healing

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine on Oahu since 1989. She was motivated into her career of choice by a desire and drive to heal herself. Realizing when she was a teenager that life could be so much richer if she felt amazingly healthy in mind, body and spirit, Dr. Joy began her quest for knowledge, skill, and mastery in 1978 when she started learning yoga, psychology, meditation, nutrition, and physical fitness. Holding to a philosophy that we are able to heal our own bodies through elements found in nature guided, Dr. Joy decided to seek out the field of naturopathy.  Twelve year of additional study in premed and medical sciences as well as Naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Hawaiian healing arts and study abroad in Asia; plus 26 solid years of treating over 26,000 patients gives Dr. Joy the experience and credibility to make a deep and long lasting impact and impression on how her patients bodies work, and how they can work with greater efficiency and vitality.

In 1989 Dr. Joy founded the Center for Natural Healing Hawaii to focus on: • Optimal Health for the MIND, BODY, AND SOUL • Balanced Wellness For Mothers And Children - Holistic Pediatric Care • Restorative Health For Mothers • Emotional Well-Being - Freedom From Depression And Anxiety • Nutritional Health, Digestive Health - Freedom From Eating Disorders, Weight Gain, Cravings, And Bloating • Hormonal Balance - Freedom From PMS, Happiness After Menopause, Male Virility.
She is the author of the "Wisdom of Well-Being Book series" - "Your Health is in Your Hands",  "The Joy of Eating - for Kids and their Moms", and "Get the Skinny on Getting Skinny".
For more information: www.naturalhealinghawaii.com


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