Susan Burdick

Susan Burdick, founder of RESTORE FOR LIFE, uses the natural approach to activate and restore your neurological system.  Using light sensory touch, the activated nerve endings send new chemical messages to the brain, releasing blocked signals and establishing better communication with all other anatomical systems. My goal is to treat all aspects of your body and mind, allowing you to grow. Susan specializes in ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, Cancer, and Lymphatic restoration along with other diseases. She works with children as well as adults.

Parent Series to Support Your Child
I am now offering a class for parents to assist in the health of their child, for every day use.


I have a three your old autistic son.  In the short time he has been treated by Susan, he has made leaps and bounds. After just the first visit, we started noticing he was more present. Just a few weeks later he started making steady eye contact and excelling faster in his therapies. Family, friends, teachers and therapists all commented on how quickly he was progressing. His motor skills have become stronger and he has started talking. Susan is not only gifted, but truly passionate about what she does.  JC, NH

In the short time that my son has been seeing Susan, we’ve already noticed many positive changes.  My son is 12 and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a progressive muscle disease that causes the muscles to break down quickly.  In order to slow the progression of the disease and maintain his ability to walk for as long as possible, we need to continually stretch his muscles to alleviate painful cramping and tightness.   Since we started to come to Susan, we’ve noticed that his muscles are softer and more able to be stretched and that his fingers and toes have become straighter and less curled and tight.  We’ve also noticed that he just generally has more energy.   The greatest accolade, however, is that my son says he feels that she is helping, he says he feels better!  Susan is not only a great practitioner of the body’s energy; she is also incredibly positive and insightful and truly has a gift for healing.  We feel incredibly fortunate to have found her!  LC, NH

Susan Burdick
 Cornerstone Commons Off Rt. 33
Greenland, NH 

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